Managed Cyber-Security Operations Centre (CSOC)

In an ideal world, every business would have its own cybersecurity operations centre – CSOC. This would be always on guard, always alerts to the latest threats, always recording and learning – and always offering genuine reassurance. But this simply isn’t realistic for most businesses. That’s the power of a Managed CSOC from Magnet+. It puts a world-class watchdog at the heart of your operation. For a fraction of the cost of setting up your own security centre…

What is a Managed CSOC?

60% of small and medium businesses fail within six months of a cyber attack. So constant vigilance and protection is essential – and that’s what a Managed CSOC from Magnet+ offers. Following rules set for your specific business, it monitors events and threats, 24/7 across your entire network. No matter how extensive or geographically widespread this is.

By detecting, responding and learning from threats, its ability to protect your business grows over time. Building a forensic record of everything it observes and experiences, it creates an invaluable knowledge-base that reinforces you against future threats.

Why use a Managed Cyber-Security Operations Centre? Here’s why…

  • Experts Always At Your Side.
    Having qualified in-house cyber-security personnel continuously on duty is unrealistic for most businesses. Your Magnet+ Managed CSOC guarantees they’re always there for you. 
  • Fully Flexible.
    Whatever the scale of your business or organisation, the Magnet+ Managed CSOC will monitor and respond to threats, whatever their source.
  • Real-time Analysis and Recording.
    Events and incidents are logged and responded to according to previously-agreed parameters.

  • Immediate Response:
    Without a Magnet+ Managed CSOC in place, on average it takes 206 days to detect a breach and 76 days to contain it. Damage caused during this time can be very difficult to repair.
  • World-Class Expertise:
    Magnet + Managed CSOCs are overseen by cyber-security specialists Exponential-E. Their experts’ hard-won experience was gained in some of the most demanding environments, including the UK Intelligence and Security Services.

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