Magnet Cyber Security Pack

Cyber criminals are smart. So if you want to protect your business you must be smarter. Employees need to know how you could be hit – and one of the fraudsters’ most effective and destructive techniques is the phishing attack. 

This is a fake, but plausible-looking email message that fools people into opening a dangerous link. Recent research reveals that 25% of firms now believe phishing attacks are the single most serious cybersecurity threat they face.

What is the Magnet Cyber Security Pack?

To fight back against phishing, malware and other threats to your business, Magnet + has developed the Magnet Cyber Security Pack. This features tools designed to reinforce your defences and sharpen every employee’s awareness of today’s threats. Knowing that 50% of Irish companies have no cyber security protection, the Cyber Security Pack is a solution that gives the essential reassurance and protection every business now needs.

Why choose the Magnet Cyber Security Pack? Here’s why…

  • Test staff threat awareness.
    A ‘fake phishing attack’ is a key element of the Pack. This sends a typical phishing email to employees to see if they open it. A subsequent report then highlights any awareness issues that need to be addressed.
  • Training videos.
    A range of training videos are included that explain phishing techniques and inform staff about the tell-tale signs that an email could be dangerous.
  • Monthly vulnerability scans. 
    To ensure your defences remain consistently robust, the Magnet Cyber Security Pack includes a monthly vulnerabilities and risks check. Steps to fix these are then suggested.
  • In-depth penetration test. 
    Over three days, intensive attempts are made to break through your cyber defences. Employing the same tactics used by attackers is the only realistic way to identify and remove weaknesses.
  • Cyber Essentials self-assessment. 
    Cyber Essentials is the UK’s government scheme to protect against cyber threats and make a proactive commitment to cyber security. This self-assessment lets you benchmark your business against the key Cyber Essentials standards. 

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