Cyber-Security Diagnostics Assessment (CSDA)

How do your cyber-security systems and policies score against the most stringent international standards? Where are the weaknesses that cyber-attackers will hunt down and exploit? And are there any quick wins that could be implemented cost-effectively to give you peace of mind? These are the urgent questions that a Cyber-Security Diagnostics Assessment will answer – fast…

What is a Cyber-Security Diagnostics Assessment?

A Cyber-Security Diagnostics Assessment (CSDA) gives an impartial and accurate appraisal of how well your network would resist attack. Against the framework of the international standard for managing information security, ISO27001, our CSDA examines every aspect of your current safeguards. It then delivers a clear and frank report containing practical advice on how shortcomings can be remedied.

Beyond this, we can provide ongoing cyber-security support. Alternatively, you can use the CSDA’s findings to brief a third-party security provider. Whatever your choice, a Magnet+ CSDA arms you with the facts that let you take fast and effective action.

Why undertake a Cyber-Security Diagnostics Assessment? Here’s why…

  • Comprehensive And Objective.
    A CSDA examines every aspect of your security profile and scores its effectiveness against the latest international standards. 
  • Practical And Actionable.
    The CSDA contains clear advice that lets you target threats and prioritise actions to overcome them.
  • Get The Facts Fast.
    Your assessment will be completed quickly and the report will follow on soon afterwards. So you can make immediate, effective decisions. 
  • Working One-On-One.
    Our highly qualified cyber-security experts will work one-on-one with your IT staff to gain the clearest possible view of your policies and procedures. 
  • World-class Expertise.
    We work with cyber-security specialists Exponential-E to deliver your CSDA. Exponential-E’s experts have obtained their deep knowledge in some of the most demanding environments, including the UK Intelligence and Security Services.

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